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Live Music Access
Windows Phone 8.x URI Scheme
Live Music Access can be launched using the following URI:
Concert recordings in the Live Music Archive can be linked directly by appending Internet Archive's identifier.  For example, to link to Percy Hill Live at Union College on 2000-01-15 you can using the following:
Windows Phone 8.x Bookmarklet
This can be used to open any audio collection on in Live Music Access.  (Some limitations apply.)  Create a favorite on your phone and set the web address of the favorite to the following:
javascript:(function(){var parts=window.location.pathname.split('/');var id=parts[parts.length-1];if(window.location.hostname==''&&window.location.pathname.substring(0,9)=='/details/'){window.location='tiwahu-lma://'+id+'/';}else{alert('Use on an Internet Archive audio collection on');}}());
Then, navigate to an audio collection on and use the favorite to open the audio in Live Music Access.