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Tiwahu Software

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Software for your Windows Phone.

(Yes, that's a llama head.)

Live Music Access

Browse, search, and stream concert recordings from the Live Music Archive (etree) collection.

Free. Legal. No ads. No in-app purchase required. (Seriously!)

Background audio support for over 140,000 recordings of Grateful Dead, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Furthur, Spin Doctors, Maroon 5, moe., Radiators, and thousands of other trade-friendly artists.


"This audio archive is an online public library of live recordings available for royalty-free, no-cost public downloads. We only host material by trade-friendly artists: those who like the idea of noncommercial distribution of some or all of their live material. Live recordings are a part of our culture and might be lost in 100 years if they're not archived. We think music matters and want to preserve it for future generations."—Internet Archive FAQ


• UI tweaks.
• Tip jar for the llama (on the about page).
• More UI love.
• Some cache logic changes.
• Mostly a little more UI love.
• A few new icons.
• Additional data cache.
• UI enhancements (in celebration of this app's 2nd anniversary).
• Infinitely joinable shows.
• Additional share options.
• Shorter links for sharing (and joining!) shows.
• Fast app resume.
• Automatic scroll to paused, resumed, or joined track.
• Tile transparency.
• Share text reformatted.
• Easier to recall the most recently played concert.
• Upcoming event information now powered by JamBase V3 API.
• Now playing live tile.
• Minor performance improvements.
• Browse and search by artist via band list.
• Pin artists to Start screen.
• Browse by related concert attributes (artist, date, venue, location, taper, transferer).
• Enhanced search capabilities.
• Random concert suggestions now favor soundboard and matrix recordings.
• Lock screen display of currently playing concert and history.
• Resume concerts from previously played position.
• Share concerts via Messaging, Email, or Social Networks.
• Join shared concerts at a relative time or paused position.
• Add upcoming event information (powered by JamBase) to calendar.
• and much more...


"Great app for listening to a lot of good live music recordings from a wide range of bands."

"The best live music app, I have come across."


"Best app ever works like nobody's business waited for a long time for this"

Exclusively available for Windows Phone.

No digital llamas were harmed during the making of this app.




Poker Blind Timer
A simple blind timer for home poker tournaments.

• Timer keeps running after leaving the app.
• Blind changes are alerted in-app or via built-in alarms.

Future features include custom blind schedules, chip denominations, buy-in amounts, and payout percentages.

Try it for free! If you like it and want more features, buy it; if you don't like it, simply delete it.

Maps Pinner
Pin map tiles to your Start screen.
Want to search Maps from a single tap with your voice?  Now you can!  Pin a Maps Voice Search tile to your Start screen.
Did somebody hide the default Maps app?  Get your Maps app back!  Pin a Maps tile to your Start screen.


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