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Live Music Access

Live Music Access

If you are still running Windows Phone 8, use this version instead of Llama Music.


The one reason I hang onto the old windows phone.

Great app for listening to a lot of good live music recordings from a wide range of bands.

The best live music app, I have come across.

Best app ever works like nobody’s business waited for a long time for this

Amazing app, has so many live concerts, something I’ve been looking for for a long time

I love this app

Excellent app! Add a Windows Desktop version and you get the fifth star!

All ALO, all moe. all day, everywhere. This program is what makes the interwebs the best invention. Ever.* *some minor exceptions like microwave ovens, Hot Pockets and legal bud.

Love the UI. Cool way to listen to free live music. Random button is nice.

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